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TME Magazine Subscription is a subscription service agent for magazines that uses customized marketing strategies to sell subscriptions to targeted consumer groups, including airline frequent flyer program members, department store customers & loyal clients of some of the world’s largest brands.

on September 11th 2018
Never received this subscription
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on November 26th 2017
I am sorry, but this may be the billing for Entertainment Weekly magazine which I am currently receiving --- but it is not clear that it is. Please send info about this.
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on March 23rd 2019
Just depends to who I talk to
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on April 6th 2019
I need to cancel it. It’s horrible for auto renewal and won’t cancel.
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on July 11th 2019
Did not approve
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on October 17th 2019
I paid but did not get my papers I received a few of them but then all of a sudden I get nothing! I can not be sure if it was this company or if someone was stealing them but I do know that if they had put it on my porch instead of way out in my yard I may have received my papers and therefore would still be with you guys!
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on September 7th 2021
Never signed up, lost $80, hoping it's cancelled for good this time Never got a single copy of a magazine, either.
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