Progressive Leasing

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Progressive Leasing offers convenient, flexible lease-to-own purchase options on items such as furniture, electronics, jewelry, tires & wheels, mobile devices, appliances, mattresses and more.

on July 27th 2018
Worst service ever , very disspointed with there service havnt been able to resolve my problem they least care about there customers concerns they show no importance in the customers concern or problem worst place to lease from its a waste of money its very unsatisfying to know that this company does this to customers if i could i would like to speak to headquarters i dont think this is fair and not a great company .
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on March 20th 2020
So when you have "poor" credit, which is to say, 610, they won't let you buy a computer on a monthly payment of $35 because they can't trust you to pay that every month. But, they can sure as spit trust you to pay $44/wk! RIGHT?! That's where this company comes in. They charge you three times the cost of the item to finance it over the course of the year, because you're not as rich as some arseholes who could just buy the funcking thing outright. Funcking pricks.
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on September 17th 2020
they never reported my year of weekly payments to any of the credit agencies
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