Planet Fitness

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Tons of cardio and strength equipment. Unlimited fitness training. Super friendly staff. And the home of the Judgement Free Zone®. All just $10 a month.

Note - we used to have a Planet Fitness logo shown above, but their attorneys made us take it down. They also wanted us to make it very clear that Planet Fitness absolutely will not let you cancel over the phone or via email. If you do join Planet Fitness and wish to cancel, they require you to either speak to someone at the gym in-person, or send a letter.

on March 1st 2017
A very good, cheap, clean gym membership with a lot of good perks.
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on September 4th 2016
Just okay facility. Often over-packed. Hours were great.
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on May 9th 2017
Nice gym for starting out. Very few machines and not enough variety. When its crowded, a lot of waiting around if you don't want to modify your workout. Nice features like tanning beds and massage chairs/beds.
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on February 3rd 2018
Never they won't stop charging my card
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on April 23rd 2019
The worst company ever. Wont accept my letter and live in a different state. So....
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on October 13th 2019
weirdtulethat you have to cancel at the location you signed up at yet although it can't be that important seeing as they don't even know which particular location I signed up at nevertheless or then it is impossible to cancel
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on August 24th 2020
Terrible company
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on November 18th 2020
never refer anyone to. they charged me 2 x now for months theyve been closed and i cant even go there. and on top of it -- it was only supposed to be $20 a month -- dec they charged me 62.06 jan 46.12 feb 33.06 march 23.06 (note only month i actually got charged $20 and they were closed due to pandemic) then in oct they just randomly started charging again at $33.82 a month and again closed for pandemic. this is one of the reasons i got true bill if it wasnt for your app i would have never caught this .... you guys are the BOMB and i am telling everyone they should join as your saving me $100s!! ty
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on October 5th 2020
They increased my bill to $39/month, but on their website, it says that they aren't charging me until they reopen the gyms.
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on January 19th 2021
all locations near me have closed and im being continuously charged monthly fee
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