Imperfect Produce

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Imperfect Foods was founded in 2015 with a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone. We offer imperfect (yet delicious) produce, affordable pantry items, and quality eggs and dairy.

on October 18th 2019
Terrible customer service. Never follow delivery instructions and have had boxes stolen or lost. Food is great and business model is great in theory.
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on March 29th 2021
I expected product's that were maybe an off shape or whatever, but not riddled with nearly expired or no longer good produce. for example, I received vegetables already limp. My broccoli was floppy like a limp fish... My spring onions had freezer burn and we're slimy. Also, I did the meat box add on, where it said I'd get 2-3 products, but each time just received a pound of ground beef or lamb that brought the price for the ground meat to astronomical.. do not recommend. What did arrive still good, didn't even last the week before having to be tossed. I kind of expected a better shelf life, like I would from the grocery, but just with an odd look or packaging. Don't say it's "imperfect" when the word should be "nearly dead or getting there..." I tossed a bunch of the veggies along a hike for the wild animals to eat, since I couldn't really cook with it.
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