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With a graze subscription you’ll get access to all the latest creations, straight from our kitchen. Fancy trying our most loved snacks? (snacks by mail)

Our Review

Browsing through the snack selection at Whole Foods attempting to discern between the healthy from unhealthy ingredients is like reading Black’s Law Dictionary as a fourth grader. Graze eliminates the time you waste staring at inconspicuous snacks at the snack aisles and researching why calcium caseinate prevents nutrient absorption so you can have more time for enjoying the snacks. Graze also customizes the snacks they send depending on each subscriber’s tastes. Most importantly, these snacks are guaranteed healthy, wholesome and fresh.

What people like

  • Variety of snacks each week.
  • Snacks are catered to my general tastes.
  • Packaged and ready-to-go. Perfect for those of us always on the run or for camping.
  • Snacks are healthy.
  • Snacks are individualized and cannot be found in stores.
  • Various diet options such as vegan, vegetarian and more.

What people dislike

  • Snack packages sent every week adds up to a lot of uneaten snacks for the non-frequent snacker.
  • Each snack packet adds up to a little over a dollar.
  • Snacks are not suitable for people with allergies as trace amounts of your allergen may be contained in the snacks.

Overall, Graze offers a service that simplifies my choices for healthy snacking. With a whopping eight different types of snacks to consume over the course of seven days or more, I am more than happy with my wealth of healthy options. Although it takes a while for Graze to understand my preferences through trial and error–I needed to consume many subpar snacks in order to lock down my Prince Charming Snacks, I appreciate the variety of snacks on their menu. With clear packaging and a clear list of ingredients, I know exactly what I am popping into my mouth.

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