Duke Energy

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Duke Energy engages in distribution of natural gas and energy related services.

on September 15th 2020
They're absolutely horrible! I wouldn't recommend them to a frog if he needed power for his lily pad apartment. They suck like horribly suck! They charge an arm and a leg and when you need them they take forever and it's an act of Congress for them to actually turn your power back on and a lot of people have problems with them and I've heard horrible reviews from many different people all over. they suck! And if I could find a better service then I would go with another service and I think I'm going to do some fishing and investigating and research on that.
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on May 8th 2021
Their website is a horror. Can't get anything done, not even logging on and they have the nerve to be closed on the weekends. Luckily, Truebill had the information I needed. When Duke Energy messes up they screw it up thoroughly.
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