Cox Communications

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Cox provides TV, Internet, Digital Telephone, home security and tech solutions services for its residential customers. Get access to fastest digital life with Cox.

on November 13th 2018
Continued to bill me even after it was shut off & I moved.
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on January 20th 2020
Rates are super high. Connection goes out throughout the time of service.
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on July 29th 2020
A lot of downtime and rather expensive for the services and speeds offered.
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on December 28th 2020
No help trying to lower bill
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on May 7th 2021
If cox treates thier employees the same way they treat theier paing customers I can understand why you don't seem to hear happy voices behind the phones at Cox corperate , from rules that you can't even bend, to ta secret socity whiin Cox the Back Room people who controll everything this company needs help
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on June 10th 2021
This is the only choice for high speed internet and they know it. They keep raising the fee without consent.
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on July 14th 2021
you pay for what you get the internet i have is the best in my area and im happy with service
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