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on May 15th 2016
I have had this service for a few months. I will hold back on making any recommendations at this point since I have only been connected to Truebill for a short period of time. However, so far, so good. Thank you.
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on June 6th 2016
Best of all - I call it : MY PEACE OF MIND.
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on June 20th 2016
Good network. Reliable. Expensive
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on July 4th 2018
Worse customer service of any account I do business with. Difficult to get ahold of, difficult to operate web site, I feel I am wasting a lot of money using them for my phones, cell phones and Direct TV
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on July 22nd 2018
I have been experiencing outages regularly, especially as the weather's gotten hotter.
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on October 18th 2016
They would do anything to take your money. Even if you paid on time. I've been always cautiously reading every penny they've had charged me for. Until I learned about TrueBill---its such a godsend!
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on March 27th 2017
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on March 1st 2019
I often have issues with my phone. The representatives are often curt, both on the phone and in store. The company will not work to change my billing date, and because of my pay schedule, I always end up incurring late fees. However, they have no problem turning off my phone if I am late on an agreement, even up to two days before the agreement has been breached.
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on March 8th 2019
Bad service area too many dropped calls
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