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Ancestry is the largest provider of family history and personal DNA testing, harnessing the information found in family trees, historical records, genetics and health history to help people gain a new level of understanding about their lives.

Our Review

Ever wondered if your ethnicity is something besides Dutch? Am I Irish too?! Ancestry offers the ability to search and learn about your family, their history, events, and even genetics. Whether your family tree is extensive and accurately drawn out and proudly displayed on your refrigerator door or not, Ancestry offers DNA testing and a sizable database of records you can comb through to finally find your lost-long great ^n (to the power of whatever generation) grandmother you want to learn about. Ancestry makes finding your kin easy.

What people like

  • For $99 a year for the standard subscription, you have full access to the database of family records and the census, almost making certain that you find your ancestors or that uncle in Utah you swear you have.
  • The database dates back to the 1990s with descriptions of a person’s occupation, title, origin and settlement.
  • DNA testing is an option.
  • Database includes scanned original documents as evidence.
  • Various membership types gives you options of affordability and usage.

What people dislike

  • Annual subscriptions are difficult to track, cancel and take control of. It is too easy to forget you are subscribed and when that exact date you signed up for the service rolls around exactly a year later, are you prepared to cancel in time?
  • There are other databases that cost less or are free.
  • Index and census errors prevents 100% certainty that a person is related to you. Incorrect indexing often happens due to inability to decipher blurred out words or not having enough information to paint a full picture.
  • Confirmation is shaky as some connections are proven by events.
  • Searching for your ancestors can take a long time. Ancestry charges more in addition to your subscription for various types of deeper searches. Is it worth the time and effort?

All in all, Ancestry is a useful tool finding your ancestors as it provides the largest pool of information in comparison to other databases. With the free thirty-day trial, Ancestry gives you a head start on finding your ancestors without needed to pay the full price of the annual subscription. What if you verified you are related to Grace Kelly while using your free trial? Well, then there is no need to dig further. But, if you do want to dig further, be prepared to pay the annual membership and additional fees for various services such as DNA testing. From personal experience, cancelling the trial is easy but cancelling my annual subscription was insanely difficult. With the average twenty-minute wait time over the phone, cancelling Ancestry was taxing and took away the energy I initially had for finding my other potential cousins. Something so valuable shouldn’t be this easy to sign up, yet this hard to cancel. Lastly, the search for your ancestors can take a long time and more needed information, which Ancestry understands and capitalizes by charging more for deeper searches. Is it worth the time, money and effort? You decide.

on April 14th 2020
I loved it so much, but I ran into a dead end so I no longer needed it
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on April 2nd 2021
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