Gym Membership (billed by ABC Financial)

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ABC Financial provides software and billing services for gyms and health clubs. If ABC Financial appears on your bill or as a subscription, it is most likely a gym membership.

on July 19th 2017
Incredibly difficult to cancel without going into the gym itself. I have been paying for a membership for years since I have no time to get to the gym during normal business hours when a "manager" is there to deal with it, and I assume try to talk me out of it or upsell me.
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on September 30th 2019
I would highly advise against joining any gym that uses ABC financial. It has been by far the worst customer service I have experienced. They wanted to argue and try to persuade rather than just canceling my membership. One they have your card information they make it an absolute pain to cancel payments. Absolute shit company.
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on August 23rd 2019
I had a horrible experience canceling my service due to moving to a new city for work. After numerous calls, and arguments over what "proof of my move" was; I finally got them to cancel. If given the chance, I would tell gyms using this billing service to look elsewhere.
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