How to cancel Xbox Live

If you need to, you can cancel your Xbox Live Gold subscription. Here’s how:

To cancel your membership immediately, please contact Xbox Support.

To end your membership at the end of your current term:

  1. Go to and log in using your Microsoft account cancel xbox live step 1
  2. Go to My Account cancel xbox live step 2
  3. In the Xbox Live section of the My Account page, click Cancel Auto Payment cancel xbox live step 3

Cancel XBOX on your XBOX 360 console:

  1. On your Xbox One console select Settings > Account > Subscriptions
  2. Choose the subscription you want to cancel, and then press the A button
  3. Under Payment and billing, select Cancel Subscription and follow the instructions

To stop automatically renewing your subscription, but keep using it until it expires:

  1. Sign in to your services and subscriptions page with your Microsoft account.
  2. Find the subscription you want to stop renewing, then select Turn off auto-renew.
  3. Select Confirm cancellation
To cancel over the phone, call: (800) 469-9269

Xbox Live is where your gaming life comes together, with the games you love, the … A single Gold membership provides Gold benefits, such as multiplayer.

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