How to cancel Universal Orlando Annual Pass

Send an email with the following information:

Name: Address: (street, city, state & zip code) Contract ID: (found on your original agreement) Pin #

Dear FlexPay Department,

I would like to update the status to the contract above as listed in the options below. I acknowledge that the initial 12 months on the contract have been (or will be) fulfilled and understand that if I choose to become an Annual Passholder on FlexPay again, I will be subject to the down payment and full 12-month term of a new contract.

Status update selections: (Mark one) I will complete the first 12-month term of my contract and do not wish to renew my pass at the end of this initial 12-month term.

I have completed the first 12-month term of my contract and am currently on a month-to-month basis. I would like to close my account. Additional information: Are you cancelling all passes on this contract? (Yes/No) If you selected no, please provide the names for the passes you wish to cancel below.

To cancel over the phone, call: 1-888-5-FLEXPAY
Email and ask them to cancel your account.
Can you name all the subscriptions you’re paying for?
Unknown or unwanted subscriptions can cost an
average of $512 per year.