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How to cancel PlayStation

When purchasing a subscription through PlayStation® you will be asked to enter your credit card information. This includes subscriptions for PlayStation®Plus, PlayStation™Now, PlayStation™Vue and PlayStation™Music. During this process, the auto-renewal option will default to ON. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless otherwise cancelled.

Auto-Renewal for Subscription Services Bought on the PlayStation™Network Will Turn On When:

  • Signing up for subscription trial
  • Purchasing or re-purchasing a subscription from the PlayStation™Store
  • Redeeming a voucher code for a subscription.

The following includes instructions on how to cancel through the various PlayStation® subscriptions.

Cancelling Auto-Renewal From your PlayStation®4: Start by logging in to the account on the PlayStation™Network (PSN) with which you purchased the subscription. Then, navigate to [Settings] > [Account Management] > [Account Information] > [PlayStation Subscriptions]. Find the subscription you want to cancel, and select Turn Off Auto-Renewal.

Cancelling Auto-Renewal from a PC: Begin by visiting the PlayStation Subscriptions page. Log into the PSN with which you purchased the subscription. Then, click the drop-down next to your Online ID and select [Subscriptions Management]. To complete the cancellation select [Turn Off Auto Renew].

Cancelling Auto Renewal From PlayStation®3: On the XrossMediaBar (XMB™), find [PlayStation™Network], and press the X button. Then navigate through [Account Management] > [Transaction Management] > [Services List]. Select the service you wish to cancel, and press the X button. Highlight the item marked “Subscription”, and press the X button. The [Cancel Automatic Renewal] button will be highlighted at the bottom of the screen. To cancel the subscription renewal press the X button.

Cancel Your PS Vue Subscription on the PlayStation™Vue Website:

  • Use this option if you watch PS Vue from a set-top box, like Roku®, Amazon Fire, Apple TV®, or from the PS Vue app. Start by visiting psvue.com/subscription. Then sign in to your PlayStation™Network. Find your Vue subscription on the Subscription Summary page and click the [Cancel Subscription] button. At the Cancel your subscription verification screen click “Yes”. To complete the cancellation, finish the Cancellation Survey and click [Cancel Subscription].

Cancel Your PS Vue Subscription on PS4™ System: Go to the PS4™ home screen, and navigate through [Settings] > [Account Management] >[Account Information]. Then select [PlayStation Subscriptions] > [PlayStation Vue] > [Turn Off Auto-Renew]

Cancel Your PS Vue Subscription on PS3™ System: On the PS3™ XMB menu, navigate through [PlayStation Network] > [Account Management] > [Transaction Management]. Then select [Services List] > [PlayStation Vue] > [Access (Subscription)] > [Cancel Automatic Renewal]

If you cannot locate your PlayStation™Music subscription, the billing may occur through Spotify. To check your payment status and subscription, visit their website at https://www.spotify.com/us/account/subscription/.

To cancel over the phone, call: 1-800-345-7669

PlayStation provides multiple subscription based services that enhance your existing free account for PlayStation Network and help you to get the most out of your console.

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