How to cancel Ford Credit

To cancel your Ford Credit financing, contact them directly through the links below.

To cancel over the phone, call: 1 (800) 727-7000

In addition to financing, we provide the latest Ford vehicle information, special offers, even pre-approval for your next Ford purchase or lease. Did we mention we also finance products that protect your vehicle and your investment? Well, we do. We offer maintenance programs that can save you money. Like programs that can protect you against lease-end excess wear and use charges, if you choose to lease. None of this, of course, is available from banks and other lenders. With Ford Credit you can pay your bill, set up automatic payments, edit your profile and much, much more, anytime, 24/7. And we offer the convenience of doing it all online from your computer or your mobile device.

Can you name all the subscriptions you’re paying for?
Unknown or unwanted subscriptions can cost an
average of $512 per year.