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How to cancel Regal Cinemas Unlimited

You may request cancellation of your Subscription at any time via the App or by notifying Customer Assistance by phone at (888) 462-7342 any day between 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time and 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time or by email to customersupport@regalcinemas.com.

Please note that except for cancellation by you in certain limited circumstances described in Sections F.1(b) or G.1(b) of the Subscription Rules, your Subscription cannot be cancelled by you during, and you will be responsible for all Subscription fees for, the first year of your Subscription. After such first year, you may cancel at any time in accordance with Section F.1(a) of the Subscription Rules. Please see the Subscription Rules at www.regmovies.com/static/en/us/unlimited/rules for more information about cancellation.

To cancel over the phone, call: 1 (888) 462-7342
Email customersupport@regalcinemas.com and ask them to cancel your account.

Watch new movies anytime, anywhere with Regal Unlimited™; Regal Cinema’s unlimited movie pass.

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